Ditty’s New Song ‘Money’ Takes Down Material Wealth and Vanity

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Indian singer-songwriter Ditty. Photo: Luka Alageyawana
Falling trees, cries of animals and a mournful trumpet mark the outro of Indian singer-songwriter Ditty’s latest song “Money,” the second single from her upcoming EP Skin.
True to the protest-folk tradition of songwriting, there’s humor and urgency alike heard on “Money,” in which Ditty tells us that “there will be things that money won’t buy.” Joined by multi-instrumentalist Dhruv Bhola and drummer-percussionist Karan Singh (both from Peter Cat Recording Co.), Ditty ties together a mournful song about how things haven’t changed when it comes to human greed overtaking the need to preserve the environment. In her statement, Ditty says “Money” is sung from the perspective of how she was “taught by society that bigger is better” but she rather found that “small is beautiful.” Eco-conscious messages are something that Ditty, an artist as well as an ecologist, has regularly weaved into her music.

She says in a statement about what sparked her to write the song, “One time I came back home from a tour, and I used to live in this sleepy little town called Betim in Goa, by the river. There was a forest behind my house – my bedroom window used to open into the forest that was full of rain trees. I returned to see that all the trees were gone! I got to know that they were chopping the forest down, and it was quite painful and I wanted to talk about it via the song.” The live video version of the song – filmed and edited by photographer and filmmaker Mohit Kapil – takes Ditty, Bhola and Singh to the Pomburpa forest as they sing amidst greenery.
While the video version of the song cuts at around the three-minute mark, the nearly five-minute full song features samples of animals and birds that Ditty recorded. She says, “And one time I recorded samples of a chainsaw, and I took the sound of the tree falling from a BBC library of sounds. But I wanted that the sounds should paint the picture of a forest falling and of a funeral for the forest that the animals came together to give.”
Ditty’s “Money” follows her previous single off Skin, “Hold Me” from 2023. Last year, she also collaborated with Cologne, Germany artist Moglii on the song “Fungii.” Skin will release in full on February 23rd.

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