The Premier League’s Most Heated Rivalries

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By Jonathan Lewis | 1st Feb 2024

As arguably the greatest football league in the world, the Premier League has thrown up many thrilling rivalries over the course of its long and illustrious history. With all the teams involved in its most famous rivalries also being among its most successful teams, those rivalries often make for intense matches — the kind where form goes out the window. Even the bookmakers know when two great rivals play each other, it doesn’t matter how far one of them may be above the other, on that day anything can happen.

The world of sports betting is replete with tales of savvy bettors who know the potential that comes with catching unlikely odds. With that in mind, here’s a look at the Premier League’s most famous rivalries over the years and what makes them so heated.

The Premier League's Most Heated Rivalries

The Stakes 

The growth of online betting platforms has combined the global popularity of famous Premier League clubs with an ever-growing list of international locales where you can bet on their matches. Football rivalries make for a great spectacle, with many football fans combining their passion and knowledge of the Premier League with the thrill of sports betting.

In South Korea for Instance, the Premier League has a massive following. However, the country’s laws only allow for a few types of gambling like horse, dog, and boat racing, or playing the lotto. Since online gambling is unlicensed there, luckily, Koreans can still use offshore sports betting toto sites (source: which are becoming increasingly popular, especially when fans want to bet on a specific rivalry game.

When the biggest Premier League rivals clash, it usually also makes for the most thrilling stakes from a sports betting perspective. Historical and modern rivalries often make for matches where the form book can be thrown out the window, there’s no telling how those matches will turn out. All that, of course, equates to added spice for the betting odds. With that in mind, let’s look at the top 5 most heated rivalries in the Premier League.

Chelsea vs. Arsenal 

As one of many London derbies, in the last couple of decades, Chelsea and Arsenal have set themselves apart from most other London teams. Between going through periods where both clubs had overlapping periods of success and close geographic proximity, this fixture has become a lot more intense in the Premier League era.

There’ve been some amazing matches over the years, with both clubs often competing for the same silverware. Having featured some heavy-hitter coaches and massive global followings, games between this pair are rarely ever uneventful.

Manchester United vs. Manchester City (The Manchester Derby)

Some see them as a clash of pedigree vs. financial clout. Historically, Man Utd have a far larger legacy than their noisy neighbors. However, in modern times, Man City have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with.

The fact that the fixture is also rooted in a long and intense derby history adds to its intrigue. Regardless of how much the pendulum has swung in favor of Man City in the modern game, matches between this pair are known for always being packed with action.

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur (The North London Derby) 

Probably the most intense out of all the London derbies in modern football, Arsenal vs. Tottenham has always been a heated affair. Known for its passion, this derby shares a rich historical basis since it started in 1913 when Arsenal moved from the south to the north of London and straight into Spurs territory.

For a long time, Spurs had been the dominant club. However, since Arsene Wenger’s famous reign as the Gunner’s manager, Arsenal enjoyed a long and mostly one-sided dominance. However, in recent years, despite Tottenham’s trophy drought, they’ve vastly improved their standards and now regularly get the better of their neighbors.

Liverpool vs. Everton (The Merseyside Derby)

Probably the rivalry that brings out the most passion, the Merseyside Derby has become infamous for being the fixture that has produced the most red cards in the Premier League. The two clubs’ history is well known since Everton originally called Anfield home.

While Everton was the more successful club in the earlier parts of the club’s history, Liverpool’s dominance during the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s went a long way toward establishing them as the most successful English team in history. While there’s been a massive chasm between the quality of the teams for a long time now, the rivalry hasn’t lost any of its fierce passion by any means.

Liverpool vs. Manchester United (The North West Derby)

While Liverpool and Manchester United are considered a derby of sorts, their unmatched rivalry comes more from their respective historical legacies. Throughout the history of the English First Division, both clubs have constantly traded periods of dominance.

For a long time, Liverpool seemed to have put an end to any question over which team was bigger as their dominance domestically, and in Europe, gave them a huge lead over the Red Devils. However, when the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson became the manager of United, he memorably stated that his goal was to knock Liverpool off their perch. After an incredible 26-season run as their manager, he accomplished the impossible on his way to becoming the most successful manager in Premier League history.


The most heated Premier League rivals play a massive part in driving interest in the game. Whether it’s the TV revenue from the broadcasting rights or the significant sway rivalries can have on the odds for the online sports betting world. The 5 rivals listed above have had fascinating matches for a long time. Only time will tell who’s going to be the top club going forward.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

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