Mozambique: War and Rain Continue to Disrupt Cabo Delgado

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In Chiure district, registration is only taking place within the municipality. No administrative post has an operational registration team. Officially, shortage of transport is cited as the reason, but the main motive is the lack of security and the fact that roads are impassable.

In Ibo and Quissanga districts, the conditions have not yet been established for the start of registration. These are districts severely affected by terrorist attacks.

In Balama district, registration has not yet started in the Mavala administrative post. Three other posts are not operational, at Tutua EPC, Mariri and Agalia, due to machine breakdowns. The brigade members sent the voters home. Registration brigades have not yet gone to the Messalo, Monapo A and B, Sapato and Nsewe B villages. One of the brigade members told us they tried to go, but turned back because of the level of flood water in the Hanquessi, Nagigi and Monapo rivers.

At the Namacuili EPC, in the Metoro administrative post, in Ancuabe districts, the brigade members have been held back by the rise in the level of the Ncore River.

In Mocímboa da Praia, the registration only began on Sunday (17 March).

At the Mabote registration post, in Montepuez, the process has not yet begun due to a lack of electricity.

In the Naminawe village, in the Mieze-Metuge administrative post, registration has not yet begun.

In Natuco locality, 35 km from Mecúfi town, post number 05 is full of voters but registration computers have stopped working. Batteries are run down and the solar panels were unable to recharge them.

In Macufi,  a power cut forced the interruption of work at six registration posts. The solar panels installed were unable to recharge the entire kit in some posts, namely Sambene EPC, Natuco, Metacane, Secura A EPC and Murrebue. The Muinde and Muitua EPC brigades suffered machine breakdowns.

In Meluco there are frequent problems of power cuts, caused by rains, and by insurgents damaging the electricity grid and mobile telephone masts

At the post in the Josina Machel EPC, in Nangade town, the first voters to be registered on yesterday (18 March) were those who had been unable to register and had been given numbered tickets on Sunday and slept the night at the school.

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Publish date : 2024-03-21 03:57:38

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