How to fix black screen in Call of Duty Warzone and MW3

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Call of Duty players have come across a roadblock when loading the game or browsing the menu. We’re here to show you how to fix the MW3 and Warzone black screen issue, including details on updates.

Warzone and MW3 black screen solution

According to COD Updates, you can fix the MW3 and Warzone black screen problem by restarting the game. This will provide a new update that fixes the issue. The problem links to a Season 3 server error, but fortunately, it should now be up and running with the latest patch. That means players don’t need to go through the hassle of uninstalling and installing it again to get things back in motion.

If the error persists, some players suggest changing your region to fix the Call of Duty black screen. Once the area has been adjusted, launch the game and return it to your previous destination. Sometimes, the settings just need a little refresher to get rid of the bug.

The MW3 and Warzone black screen issue appears across multiple devices, including PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Similar to past Call of Duty launches, new seasons tend to bring out errors like this due to the large number of player counts. During this time, it’s best to check for any new updates, as there have been several new patches after Season 3’s launch. 

Check out the MW3 or Warzone Trello boards to keep track of any errors. Other known problems are present here, such as the Call of Duty not updating bug for Season 3. More fixes will likely arrive sooner rather than later now that the CoD team is aware of the various issues.

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