15 emergency preparedness supplies everyone should consider getting

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With more frequent natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, it’s important to be prepared for anything, especially if you live in one of the most affected states. There are a few key items everyone should have to ensure they’re prepared in the event of a disaster.We’ve rounded up everything from first aid kits to waterproof bags to emergency radios, so you can stock your home with everything you need to be prepared. To get your emergency preparedness supplies quickly, consider signing up for an Amazon Prime membership. The benefits include fast, free delivery, access to invite-only deals and the option to Buy With Prime.Most purchases can be delivered to your door in 24 hours if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You can join or start a 30-day free trial to start your holiday shopping today.Here are 15 emergency preparedness supplies everyone should have:A good first aid kit gives you everything you need to deal with minor emergencies. This 300-piece first aid kit includes multiple bandage sizes, gauze, sterilizing agents and basic survival gear like a compass, emergency blanket and whistle. You can also get the same first aid kit from Walmart.Flashlights are essential if you need to leave your home quickly at night. This two-pack of water-resistant flashlights will ensure you’re prepared. These flashlights have five different modes for different lighting situations. You can find two-pack flashlight options through Amazon or Walmart.This emergency weather radio is battery-operated and automatically scans for emergency and weather-related alerts. It also includes power ports, so you can charge your phone if you lose power. Find affordable weather radios at Home Depot. A solar generator offers power even if your power goes out. This solar generator comes with a foldout solar panel that can quickly charge the generator. It has multiple different power ports, so you can attach your phone charger, extension cords and more. Jackery is currently having a huge sale on its solar generators, so check out their site for all your options.Waterproof bags help your most important items stay dry if you end up outside during a hurricane or flood. An Earth Pak bag is meant to get wet while keeping anything inside dry. It’s easy to carry and comes in a bunch of different colors. You can buy Earth Paks on Amazon or Walmart.Most emergency lists, whether for hurricanes, floods or other disasters, tell you to keep non-perishable food on hand. This Ready Hour emergency rations bucket includes multiple freeze-dried meals, up to 120 servings. You can find other emergency meal options at Walmart.Getting safe water during an emergency can be difficult. LifeStraw is a revolutionary brand that offers a filtration system right in your water bottle. Their bottles are easy to pack away and can filter out 99.9% of harmful contaminants in most water sources. Walmart also has other filtration water bottles.To keep your most important documents safe from fire, water and other damaging events, a SentrySafe fire box is a must. This is a small fire box, meant to be easy to transport in case of an emergency. Find affordable fireproof safe boxes through Home Depot.A solar charger power bank provides much-needed power in an easy-to-carry item. When fully charged, this power bank can charge an iPhone 3.6 times and the iPad Air once. Just stick the power bank in the sun and it’ll charge quickly. You can buy solar chargers through Walmart’s site.Fires help us cook food, boil water and stay warm. In other words, they’re very important. A fire starter makes starting small fires easy when you may need one most. You can buy fire starters on Amazon or Walmart.Headlamps keep your hands free when you’re walking. This two-pack comes with a set of batteries, so you can be prepared immediately.If you want all your survival gear in one kit, this 250-piece survival gear kit has everything from a shovel and an ax to emergency blankets and a first aid kit. It all comes in a small backpack that’s easy to carry. Walmart has affordable survival gear kits as well as Amazon.If you live in an area that gets hurricanes or floods frequently, having waterproof clothing is important. These waterproof chest waders can be put on over your clothes. They’re lightweight waders, so you can still easily walk around with them on. For all of TideWe’s chest wader options, visit their site.To put all your prepared items in one place, a waterproof hiking backpack is the perfect solution. This affordable pack includes a rain cover for extra protection and has a seemingly never-ending amount of pockets to store everything you need. For durable, long-lasting hiking backpacks, check out L.L. Bean’s offerings.Instead of having to remember the key steps to take in every emergency, these emergency survival cards give you the basics for a variety of different natural disasters. It’s a travel-sized guide that you can easily put in your preparedness kit. Walmart also has travel-sized survival guides.For more Deals, visit www.foxnews.com/category/deals. And visit Fox Weather for all your weather-related news. 

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