5 Crucial Things Christians Should Know about ISIS

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5. What is America doing to combat the violence perpetrated by ISIS, and what are Christians called to do in this circumstance?
“Too little too late” is the phrase Moore uses to describe what the U.S. government has done (or not done) to address the ISIS threat. Moore then cites a revealing example of the government’s passivity.

“Take–for instance–the fact that this week we were the ones that provided the list to the French which they used in bombing ISIS sites in Syria. If we have had this list for so long then why haven’t we chosen to bomb them?”

As for what God calls Christians to in the midst of such world events, Moore provides three calls to action.

First, he says, we should put pressure on our political leaders to destroy ISIS. Secondly, we should pray for those who are suffering due to ISIS violence. Thirdly, we should provide for those in need.

Moore goes on to strike a balance between compassion and national security. “The world should absolutely show abundant compassion to these refugees . . . but we must also require our leaders tighten the vetting and processing of these refugees in order to insure that ISIS or ISIS-sympathizers are not able to infiltrate the system. ISIS would be more than happy to use our compassion against us.”

Photo: An Iraqi family who have fled fighting as Iraqi forces advance into Islamic State controlled west Mosul, March 4, 2017. Iraqi forces have encountered stiff resistance with improvised explosives, heavy mortar fire and snipers hampering their advance.

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Article based on an email interview with Christian author, speaker, and pastor Johnnie Moore in November 2015.

Publication date: May 2, 2017

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