Spain tourist backlash as Brits in bars sprayed and pelted by protesters

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Tourists were hit with water pistols in Spain as protests against the industry got more intense – and British tourists said ‘we’ll spend our money elsewhere’

Holidaymakers and bar owners are sprayed with water in Barcelona as protests against over-tourism took place

Brit tourists were left shocked and drenched as protests against holidaymakers escalated in the Spanish hotspot, Barcelona. Disgruntled locals sprayed water at the visitors, with some Brits responding, ‘we’ll spend our money elsewhere’.

Video footage reveals a tense scene, with aggravated residents furiously confronting both tourists and bar owners, using water pistols to douse them.

Angry locals descended on La Rambla, demanding governmental control over tourism and a remedy for the city’s overcrowding issue which came to a head over the weekend. The demonstrations took a vicious turn as marchers also began hurling objects at bars and their patrons.

Images show rather bewildered British tourists attempting to savour their meals amidst the chaos. Roughly 2,800 vehement protesters marched, urging for an alternative economic model that would see a drastic decline in tourist numbers in Catalonia’s capital.

Placards blasting “Tourists go home,” and “Barcelona is not for sale,” were brandished by locals as they vented their frustration on popular tourist sites. Dining visitors in the area also found themselves being soaked, amongst chants like, “Tourists out of our neighbourhood”.

A bar owner is targeted with spray by angry Spanish locals who want tourism to be massively curbed(Getty)

Last month, Barcelona’s Mayor Jaume Collboni announced a complete embargo on short-term rentals starting from November 2028, paving the way for more properties to return to the local housing market.

More than 140 bodies in the city, comprising residents’ associations, green activists and trade unions, participated in the protest march.

Slogans demanding action from Barcelona’s mayor, Jaume Collboni of the Catalan Socialist Party, were prominent during the protests, with calls to limit cruise ships and flights and to restrict sidewalk cafes.

Water-pistol brandishing anti-tourism protesters spray people in bars in Barcelona, Spain(Getty)

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