Tesla Responded to Deadly Car Accident in Zhejiang, China

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Days leading up to the May Day holiday, a tragic accident occurred. A couple from Jinhua, Zhejiang, were driving their Tesla Model Y home when their vehicle veered off a mountain road, leading to their deaths despite immediate rescue attempts.

Mr. Tang, a cousin of the Tesla owner, mentioned that his cousin had purchased the Tesla Model Y at the end of the previous year. The car had only been in use for approximately six months before the unfortunate incident.

The family is still in the dark about the full details of the accident, but two aspects have left them particularly perplexed:

Firstly, they were shocked to learn about the vehicle’s speed at the time of the accident. According to Mr. Tang, the traffic police revealed that the vehicle had reached a maximum speed of 120 km/h. This revelation was startling to the family, as they couldn’t fathom how a vehicle could reach such a speed on a winding mountain road.

Secondly, the absence of any brake marks at the accident scene raised eyebrows. When Mr. Tang and his family visited the site, they were met with this puzzling scenario.

Mr. Tang expressed his confusion, “One would assume that the driving recorder should have captured some useful information during the vehicle’s operation. Even if the impact rendered it useless, there should at least be a record of the moment of impact. But the police are saying that there’s no record at all, which is quite baffling and inevitably prompts some distressing thoughts.”

In response to the incident, a Tesla representative stated today that they are aware of the accident and are currently relying on the police for information. They pledged to provide necessary assistance to the police, but emphasized that the primary responsibility for the investigation lies with the police, and they would refrain from undue interference.”

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